Classic baby stroller TUTIS CLASSIC 807 3in1 light brown

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Classics never goes out of style... It is just improving! All parents want and seek to give only the best things for their beloved baby and surround him or her with lots of love and tenderness. Classic chassis not only elegant, but also extremely comfortable when crossing on rough roads. Wheels of the carriage perfectly overcomes sand, gravel, park paths, uneven pavement bricks or snow while extremely soft rocking pram helps your baby to sleep well in sweet dreams.

This baby stroller of classical style is distinguished among others by its elegance and convenience. The system of four shock-absorbers and classical chassis and the inflatable wheels ensure especially comfortable journey for the baby. You will not need to think where to find perfect pavements or forest paths for comfortable walks any more. The combinations of Eco leather are also offered for this baby stroller. They will provide unique impression of elegance and ensure safe environment for the baby.

A car seat, a seat unit or pram body can be installed in on the chassis. The stroller with car seat will fit for newborns. The six-month-old children can use seat unit, facing backward. From the age of one year - seat unit, facing forward.

Aluminium construction
The firm and light aluminium frame for reliable and comfortable chassis.

Four shock-absorbers of chassis
They ensure especially comfortable journeys by baby stroller Tutis. No long journeys in city or nature will seem too lengthy!

Leather without phthalates
The leather used for baby strollers TUTIS does not contain any harmful phthalates and helps to preserve safer environment and sense of luxury for the baby.

Adjustable height of the handle
The chassis’ handle may be adjusted and fixed in seven positions.

Inflatable wheels
The inflatable wheels provide more confidence during long rides on rough roads. They are soft and able to absorb any bumps of the road.

Silver Plus™ technology
All the internal fabrics are covered by silver ions. They destroy bacteria, prevent bad smell and help to avoid mould.

Ventilated cradle
The cradle’s bottom has special holes, through which the lower part of the cradle is ventilated. In such a way the fresh air may enter, the probability of sweat is reduced and the baby is able to breath fresher air.

Coconut mattress
The lower part of the cradle’s mattress is made from natural coconut fibre. It is easy to ventilate and it prevents accumulation of bacteria.

Adjustable back of the cradle
For a curious baby! When the back is bent to partially sitting position, it becomes easier for the baby to look around.

5 – point safety belts
The possible impact is distributed evenly in five directions and thus the load on the baby is reduced.

Carry cot length
80 cm
Carry cot width
39 cm
Carry cot weight
4,5 kg
Seat unit width
36 cm
Seat unit weight
4,90 kg
Frame material
Unfolded frame width with wheels
60 cm
Folded frame height with wheels
38 cm
Folded frame width with wheels
60 cm
Frame weight with wheels
10,8 kg
Front wheels size
Rear wheels size
Reflective elements
Foot brake
Hand brake
Shopping basket
Mosquito net included
Cup Holder

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